Current Happenings & A June Day in Vermont

Well, it has been a bit longer of a gap than I would have liked here. I have been shooting various things for the Marist Circle, as usual. Also, lots of school work this semester. Challenging, but rewarding (final year!). I am working on shooting more B&W 35mm film and hope to eventually get some of those shots scanned and up here. In my copious amounts of free time I have had my girlfriend here for about five days now and she has already found a job and an apartment!

Today, I have two classes (both Math-based), a test and a phone interview for a Co-op position with IBM. Then, I am headed into NYC for what should be an amazing concert tonight by Great Big Sea. So, I have been up and about since sunrise this morning and thought I'd take the time to share some old pictures. This series comes from a day trip I made into Vermont. This first set is from the trip over and a very cool diner called the Blue Benn. More to come!

Buckwheat pancakes!

Enjoy these and I am hoping to have many more to come soon, from the "archive" and from what is becoming a beautiful fall here in the Hudson Valley!


Moxie Parade!

The Moxie Parade on July 10th was definitely one of the coolest events I saw this summer. Check out some of the highlights here!
The official "Mr. Moxie" (on left) points at the camera imitating the soda jerk who would have taken your order in the hey-day of the soft drink that claims it out sold Coca-Cola from it's creation in 1876 until the 1920's.
One of two "horse cars" seen at the festival.
A "monster" fire truck promoted Camp Sunshine and was part of a trend of things over-sized and miniature. Many go-karts, large vehicles and a few "normal" vintage sports cars filled in throughout the parade.

The rain held off, but not for long after this. Afterward we went to the book sale and the rain poured on us, putting a damper on some of the days' events, but the parade was quite excellent. I hope to return!

Look for more updates soon, as I go back through photos from the summer and add new stuff. Yesterday, I went to New Jersey to shoot for a piece that will be appearing in Marist magazine and tomorrow I will be covering Marist football vs. Bucknell for the Circle! Enjoy!


Moxie Day- Pre-Parade

As soon as I knew I'd be living and working in Maine for the summer one thing I had heard of and HAD to do was attend the Moxie Festival. It has been an annual occurrence in the life of my girlfriend for many years and I knew one of her favorite parts of summer. It also sounded just like the sort of small-tow event I think make this country great. Love it or hate it Mainers, especially Lisbon residents, are proud of THEIR soft drink. I thrive on these events.

Enjoy the photos! More to come from the main event: Moxie Parade! Check back for more updates and thanks for looking.


Maine Update, Moxie Day & Autumnal Aspirations

Welcome to Moxie Day! Many of you might ask, "What the hell is Moxie?" Well, Moxie is the official soft drink of Maine. This classic soda is loved by many and reviled by others, especially for it's strange and bitter aftertaste. For over 20 years now, the town of Lisbon Falls, ME and Kennebec's General Store have hosted Moxie Day to appreciate a unique part of Maine culture.
These three photos are from inside Kennebec's store, which is right along the parade route. Here you can see a Moxie float being made with Moxie ice cream! I had the regular Moxie ice cream myself and it was phenomenal. So, if you're ever looking for an interesting festival to attend and a chance to try Maine's soft drink check out Lisbon in July. There was an excellent parade, lots of food and other quirky events and stands. Look for parade photos soon. It was awesome!
I have not been posting here consistently, but that does not mean I have not been taking photos. This summer I worked for Kingsley Pines, an amazing summer camp! I took over 7,000 photos for them many of which will be used on their website to promote the wonderful camp experience they offer. I also took hours upon hours of video and created the camp session video slideshow. It was a lot of fun! So, there will not be too much to post from this summer on here because I had very little time to go "off-camp" and explore, but I promise more from Moxie Day and a few other highlights!

Autumn is here, September has come and that means many things, but mostly for me right now the beginning of the end at Marist! The first week of Senior year is done and it has been crazy, but fun. I have been to a bunch of classes, started working on the Circle again, have my family only 25 minutes away, have my sister visiting today and tomorrow is my housemates birthday!

Besides all of this I am trying to get out and take more photos and expand my portfolio. The Circle is working on using "New Media" more (as is the world). Check out the Circle Twitter. It is updated by our editors (including me!) and the most recent tweet is to a photo album (my photos!) from the football season opener vs. Sacred Heart. I have also opened up my own Twitter!

Please enjoy these photos and look for more to come soon! There will be more from Maine and definitely from New York as I explore more of this area. I will be taking Intermediate Photography at school and that will continue my study of B&W 35mm film and even working with medium format. I know I will be taking a lot of photos for the Circle, others for fun and I am looking for events, locations or just about anything to photograph!

If you have anything you want photographed, have interest or questions about photos I have taken, comments, feedback, critiques I would love to hear from you via e-mail: huttonrj@gmail.com