Moxie Parade!

The Moxie Parade on July 10th was definitely one of the coolest events I saw this summer. Check out some of the highlights here!
The official "Mr. Moxie" (on left) points at the camera imitating the soda jerk who would have taken your order in the hey-day of the soft drink that claims it out sold Coca-Cola from it's creation in 1876 until the 1920's.
One of two "horse cars" seen at the festival.
A "monster" fire truck promoted Camp Sunshine and was part of a trend of things over-sized and miniature. Many go-karts, large vehicles and a few "normal" vintage sports cars filled in throughout the parade.

The rain held off, but not for long after this. Afterward we went to the book sale and the rain poured on us, putting a damper on some of the days' events, but the parade was quite excellent. I hope to return!

Look for more updates soon, as I go back through photos from the summer and add new stuff. Yesterday, I went to New Jersey to shoot for a piece that will be appearing in Marist magazine and tomorrow I will be covering Marist football vs. Bucknell for the Circle! Enjoy!

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