Current Happenings & A June Day in Vermont

Well, it has been a bit longer of a gap than I would have liked here. I have been shooting various things for the Marist Circle, as usual. Also, lots of school work this semester. Challenging, but rewarding (final year!). I am working on shooting more B&W 35mm film and hope to eventually get some of those shots scanned and up here. In my copious amounts of free time I have had my girlfriend here for about five days now and she has already found a job and an apartment!

Today, I have two classes (both Math-based), a test and a phone interview for a Co-op position with IBM. Then, I am headed into NYC for what should be an amazing concert tonight by Great Big Sea. So, I have been up and about since sunrise this morning and thought I'd take the time to share some old pictures. This series comes from a day trip I made into Vermont. This first set is from the trip over and a very cool diner called the Blue Benn. More to come!

Buckwheat pancakes!

Enjoy these and I am hoping to have many more to come soon, from the "archive" and from what is becoming a beautiful fall here in the Hudson Valley!

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