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Today, is the last day of my capping class and it has been a very interesting journey. At Marist, instead of writing a senior thesis students taking a capping class and in many of these classes the students can do basically whatever they want. (where "whatever they want" translates to: a project that the professor of said class deems appropriate for a senior-level, semester-long project). In my case, I had no clue what I was going to do. A great part of me considered a photojournalism project, a photo book, exhibit, documentary, etc. But then, I decided I wanted to go back to those years of theory classes and communication strategy and create something that combined web media and a strong communication plan with hopes of creating something that had some staying power.

Well, what happened is my classmate, and long-time friend, Jim Urso (@JimUrso, for all you tweet-heads) decided to create a blog that would give back to Marist and we hoped the pilot that we ran could help convince some higher-ups at the school it was worth pursuing. So, we created Marist Office Hours and alongside of it a well-researched proposal for why something like this should be expanded and continued with sponsorship by the school.

While, I don't think it has succeeded on its own as well as we had hoped I have learned a lot. We've spent a lot of time reading, researching, studying, and writing. Now, we are coming to the end of a proposal that we are hoping to present to the Dean of the School of Communications and the Arts. Wish us luck!

That's been only one-facet of these last few months. In the first week of November, I started interning at IBM as part of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). It's been a great experience, and not fetching coffee, but doing actually working including blogging, community management, surveys, and a lot more (especially, as we dwindled to a 2-man operation). I can say too much about it, but MIT Tech Review wrote a great article that focused on us called Experimenting on Themselves.

I've worked with some great people, experienced some ups and downs and gained a lot of experience. Not just from work, but from managing a schedule that often includes 30-40 hours of work and a full class schedule and the occasional photo gig and a stray social event.

I have not abandoned my pursuits in photography! I've been taking Advanced Photography here it's a traditional dark room photography class, well, not sure its traditional. We've been working with 4x5 press cameras, 8x10 pinholes and other bizarre photo techniques inside the lab and outside. Including most recently, cyanotypes (those are those blue-tinged prints you've probably seen learn more here..)

Also, there are some digital shots that I've yet to share here. So, check 'em out for now and expect much more as I've started collecting more classic cameras and am itching to use them as my schedule allows...
State of the State

Governor Cuomo gave a State of the State address at Marist and I covered it for the Marist Circle.

Also, I took some photos of Art Himmelberger for a feature on him for FoxTalk magazine, the official magazine of the school of Communication and the Arts.


One of the most exciting changes in my personal life has been moving into a new apartment and getting my first pet, Soro!

Soro (Zorro)

And last, but far from the least, here's a link to an album that consolidates all the pictures from the past 3 years of my postings. It's a quick and easy study for newcomers and an easy way to just glance through. Though I'd recommend going post-by-post to ensure you don't miss out on any of my insightful comments... ;-)

RJH Photo

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