Down & East

In the last 2ish years that I have lived in Poughkeepsie I have been mostly interested in what is up the Hudson and west of the Hudson (or really anyway to ocassionally break the "Marist bubble"). I have explored many of the little villages and sites around here and in to the Catskill mountains. This morning, post-workout, reading Sartre, debate writing and powerpointing I noticed a trend in my autumn extra-cirrucular activities.

I have been drawn to what is down and east. Partially the impending doom that is graduation is bringing me towards the more densely-populated areas (see: Westchester, NYC) that hold at least a sliver of occupational hope. Fortunately, I started at IBM yesterday and will be there for several months. It was a great day, very interesting. Snow on the way to work and a bunch of tax paperwork failed to impact the Christmas-like feeling of opening a new laptop and getting my name badge, office key and starting at what feels like a "perfect fit" job. Yet again, this new experience is down and east in Somers, NY.

So, as I sit here on this gray, chilly day I'm finally getting to share some photos from pre-Halloween. Luckily, the weather was much nicer on the weekend before Halloween and it led me and my girlfriend down the Hudson as far as Sleepy Hollow. I hope that these images help to brighten the day!

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