Thanksgiving in Tampa...

Well, I haven't posted in over a week. I've been on break from school in Tampa. Here are a few pix from Tampa. They're actually from last year, but I should have some coming from this break as soon as possible which could be a little while...


Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

After finishing up Freshman year of college I went on a 10-day trip to Paris, London & Edinburgh. Edinburgh was the final city we visited and the most fun thing that we did was climb Arthur's seat, twice. Arthur's Seat is a mountain in the middle of Edinburgh and provides great views of the city and the sea. Here's my first picture from that trip...


Marist v. St. Bonaventure

Nike ad?

Marist's new coach Chuck Martin, the former assistant head coach at Memphis.

More Men's B-Ball

Marist Men's Opener

Here are the first shots from the home opener versus Saint Bonaventure.

Basketball Opening Weekend...

Over the last few days I got my chance to shoot basketball for the first time. I shot the Marist Men's and Women's home openers Sunday and Monday nights. I have a ton of photos to go through and I'm also pretty busy with school work. For now, I'm just going to throw up some unedited photos of a dunk that I got during the first half of the Men's game versus Saint Bonaventure. It was overall an ugly affair and an ugly loss for the young team, but I was excited to get the chance to NCAA basketball. Here's the dunk, off the D300 unedited.


Recreating Masterpieces...

On my last visit to the Louvre I saw something I had never seen before. Contemporary artists painting copies of works in the Louvre. Here are two shots I got, more to come in this vein. Enjoy.

Eiffel by Night

Paris... quite probably my favorite city in Europe. I've been there three times and I'd go back anytime. On my last trip the first night I got there we got some food and a bottle of wine and sat beneath the Eiffel Tower watching the lights dance across it's surface and illuminate the "City of Light". Enjoy...

View from the Top

Ahh, Firenze... how I miss thee. Here's a couple shots from the top of the Duomo I took in May. Enjoy.


Irish Countryside...

Here are a few pictures from the Irish countryside in County Wicklow.


End of Istanbul

I'll end Istanbul with one of my favorite things. The Turkish tea which they drink constantly in strong, small servings. Very, very good. Also, there were flags everywhere hanging from buildings. That's it from Istanbul for now. Enjoy.


More Istanbul...


Well, here are a variety of random shots from Istanbul. This is from the very beginning of my shooting days before things like RAW and CS3. I did use a few artistic liberties with some of these in post-production. Enjoy...

San Gimignano & Monteriggioni

Here are some pictures that I took in two small towns in Tuscany. The first is of a street in San Gimignano, Italy. The next is the view from the highest tower in the town which is open for tourists to climb, if they feel like paying around 5 Euro. The final one is a backyard shrine at a winery that I visited with my cooking class. The middle picture especially looks better with the enlargement. Go ahead and click to check out the enlargement. Enjoy!


Orvieto, Umbria, Italy

This past Spring my sister joined me to study in Florence, Italy. We both managed to get Monday's off from school and one of these free Mondays we decided to get out of Florence and go two hours south on the train to the town of Orvieto. The town is reached by a train and then a funicular ride up the hill and through the walls of the old city. This first picture shows one of the turrets of the fortified city and the view to the farms in the valley below.

This photo is of Orvieto's cathedral. The weather had started to get cold and windy at this point, but the overcast conditions made for decent lighting during the afternoon.

This picture shows the same cathedral at the end of the street.