Where have I been? Will there be updates? Answers below.

I realize that I have not posted here since November and actually that is about the time I started at IBM. Between work and school, I just haven't had time for this blog (I actually blog and write for both) and I also haven't been photographing much. I have worked quite a bit in the studio learning more about large format films and even working with 8x10' film in a pinhole camera and as of yesterday, my first cyanotype!

I know, I know. I should be posting that work, but I want to get a high-quality scanner, so that I can do the prints some sort of justice and share them here.

I've been working on my senior project blog Marist Office Hours. The blog is the culmination of an idea that my good friend, Jim Urso and I had been kicking around for awhile. It developed into that blog and a proposal and work into determining the value and desire for blogging in a way that supports and showcases the college. Essentially, marketing it in an indirect way. Really, it's brand journalism and we created a pilot and took a first stab at product that I wish we had several more months for.

Alas, my college graduation lies 23 days away and after that I will only (ha!) be working for IBM, for as long as they'll have me, and after that who knows! But, I promise to myself, that I am going to blog more and take more pictures!

In the mean time, I'd like to share some of the pictures I took on my most photo-centric event of 2011. I went to the MAAC basketball tournament again this year, this time it was in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Marist men improved from their horrible 1-30 season to win about 6 games and win the play-in game of the tournament. The Marist women continued to show that they are an elite mid-major program and contended on a national stage, winning the MAAC tournament, defeating Iowa State in the NCAA first round and barely lost to, tournament #2 seed, Duke in what I really saw as a statement game. After losing the best player in program history, the 2010-11 Red Foxes were better than the year before and I hope to see them continue at this high level for many more years!