Frontier Town

These pictures are also from North Hudson, NY. The top two are from Frontier Town a very popular attraction from 1952 till it's closing in 1998. The items from the park were auctioned off in a 2004 tax sale and today part appears to be owned by "Gokey's Auctions". This website has a lot more interesting information on Frontier town: http://www.frontiertown.net/

The bottom three pictures are from the Frontier Town motel, a walked in a room that was unlocked and was full of construction materials and salvaged items from the motel. There was still art on the walls and mattresses like Frontier Town it probably just never reopened.

More to come...

Route 9 - Left Behind

While New York's route 9 may still be a main road for many, and the center of commercial activity in still active towns and cities from Beacon to Poughkeepsie and Glens Falls to Schroon Lake, in many areas it is a graveyard to an era that passed away decades ago. The photos above are from North Hudson, a town that relied on it's amusement park, Frontier Town, and the fact that the main north-south road in eastern New York ran through here. Since then the world has moved on and no longer notices places like these as they travel the interstates and take their vacations in far-away places leaving places like this to ingloriously fade away.

Now, this bypassed byway holds a looking glass into the past. A past before the interstate highway, air conditioning and commercial airlines ended the idyllic family vacation forever recorded in family comedy classics from National Lampoon's Vacation to the John Candy classic Uncle Buck.

I have several more images coming from this stretch of Route 9 between North Hudson and Schroon Lake, NY. Look for them soon...