Well, it has been awhile since I have been posting regularly, but now that I am working back to good health and good spirits I am going to work on posting up more photos that have been cataloged and also new ones as I take them. Here are three photos taken of Manatees at a Manatee viewing center just south of Tampa run by the Tampa Electric Company. They also have a web cam if you'd like to check these guys out. Here's the link:


Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope to keep adding more posts with the intent of improving the quality of everything herein. I'm working on getting out and taking new photos with the D300 and also on working with what I have already taken to share some more travel photos and stories. Enjoy!


Marist beats Iona in Final Seconds....

Here are a few pictures from the end of friday night's Marist vs. Iona game. Marist won 51-50 after being behind 4 with 26 seconds left. Here's a couple shots from the last few moments. Goodwin made the winning field goal with about 4 seconds to go.